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About Us

At TOM-RICHARDS CONSULTING we are strategically positioned to focus on our client’s goal. We inject great amount of effort into ensuring results. From the Partner down to the Associate, we display an unusual team spirit that achieves one goal – the goal of the client. As soon as an agreement is signed with clients, we swing into action and regularly collaborate to review their requirements until all issues (problems) are addressed.


Our business partners are in various institutions and they cut across vast fields. This helps us in our operations. Our coverage area includes all states of the federation within Nigeria and in Abroad. We help you gain measurable results through our collaborative process of setting expectations, measuring performance and reinforcing behaviours. Our Service Strategies can help your organization achieve real, measurable results through our structured training and career development process. Whether you are defining current business challenges, searching to measure ROI, selecting coursor looking to define an observation and reinforcement process, we can help.


We make it easier, faster and more cost effective to receive great training. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to organize fun and engaging training that will provide people with practical tools they can use the very next day. We have been in existence for over 6years and have presence in different states in Nigeria.


 Our Development training is an international standard training that empowers thousands of small, medium and large enterprises around the globe to reach their goals


We make sure our clients are furnished with formidable choices, whose background have been well checked and are well qualified with regards to company request and also give suggestions where necessary.

We train Firm/Company staff members, schools & institutions in Curriculum Vitae writing skills; help them discover their strengths and concentrate on it; proffer solutions to address any deficiency and help them in having a career path.

Secondly, we make sure we are clear with regards to what our client wants. We also keep abreast the trending our client's industry so that our client can be on the path required for success in such industry.


We also work on Management Retreats, Training Needs Analysis, Customer Service Diagnosis, Defining New Markets and Brands’ Competition


As a management development company, we are aware of how things should be done in the business world. We ensure that our 'I's are dotted and our 'T's are crossed.

Our Values

Trust, Creativity, Due Diligence & Result Oriented.

Our Vision

To be the number one choice in HR Management Consulting.

Our Mission

Aligning businesses to the best practices. Hence, “getting the right people for the  right jobs”.